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Medicaid / Social Security

Medicaid Disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Receiving SSI and Disability Medicaid can open the door for your student to receive other services they may need.

Here are some quick facts regarding Medicaid and SSI:

  • Both programs determine eligibility by verifying the severity of the applicant’s disability/condition as well as the household income and resources.

  • When a student with a disability turns 18, Social Security and Medicaid no longer consider the income and resources of the parents.

  • The SSI maximum benefit is about $914 per month for those who qualify. This benefit can be used for monthly expenses such as housing, food, clothing and transportation.

  • Once your student becomes eligible for SSI they have already met the requirements for Medicaid Disability. Medicaid applications for SSI recipients are processed quickly and require very little paperwork.

  • Medicaid can serve as a primary or secondary insurance. So even if your student is already on your insurance, they could qualify for Medicaid. Medicaid will cover the copays or deductibles associated with your primary health insurance plan.

    If your student is on Medicaid and Canyons School District provides services such as speech-language, behavior intervention, physical and occupational therapy, with your permission, we are able to bill Medicaid for a partial reimbursement of the cost of these services. Consent for Medicaid reimbursement is discussed during the IEP.

    Even if you have applied and been denied in the past, please give us a call. Eligibility requirements change over the years and your student may now be eligible.

    Please call or email if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

Medicaid para personas con discapacidades y ingresos suplementarios de Seguro Social (SSI)

Si su estudiante recibe SSI y Medicad el/ella puede tener mas oportunidades de recibir servicios que necesita.

Aquí se encuentra algunos hechos sobre Medicad y SSI:

  • Ambos programas determinan la elegibilidad verificando la severidad de la discapacidad del solicitante y los ingresos y recursos del hogar.

  • Cuando una persona con discapacidades cumple 18 anos, Seguro Social y Medicad deja de contar los ingresos de los padres

  • El beneficio de SSI es hasta $914 por mes para los que califican. Este beneficio se usa para sus gastos mensuales tal como: comida, arrienda, ropa y transportación.

  • Si su estudiante recibe SSI ya ha cumplido con los requisitos de Medicad y la solicitud para Medicad es procesado rápido y sin muchas verificaciones.

  • Aun que tiene seguro medico por un trabajo se puede utilizar Medicad como

    un segundo seguro medico para cubrir sus deducibles y copagos.

    Si su estudiante recibe Medicad y la escuela provea servicios como terapia de habla/lenguaje, asistencia de autoayuda, terapia física y ocupacional, con su permiso, podemos cobrar Medicad y recibir un reembolso parcial del costo de dar los servicios mencionados anteriormente. Usted hablo del permiso para cobrar Medicad por estos servicios durante la reunión de planeamiento por su estudiante.

    Aun si usted ha aplicado por Medicad en el pasado, por favor llámenos. Los requisitos de elegibilidad cambian todos los anos y puede ser que califica ahora.

    Si tiene preguntas o le gustaría hacer una cita, por favor llámenos o mandarnos un mensaje por correo electrónica.

Canyons School District Medicaid Outreach Services
Suggested Steps When Applying for SSI

    1.  Call Social Security to set up an interview. 1-800-772-1213. Your appointment will usually be about 2 weeks after the time you call to set up the interview.
      1. Who should call?
        1. If the applicant is an adult, they should make the call
        2. Custodial parent of the disabled child
        3. Legal Guardian of adult with disability
        4. Note: If the applicant is an adult without a legal guardian and is unable to make the call on their own, the applicant needs to be present during the call.
      2. What the SSA wants to know when you call to set up the interview:
        1. Social Security Number and Birthdate
        2. Disabling condition(s)
        3. Onset of disabling condition
    2. Starter Kit http://www.socialsecurity.gov/disability/disability_starter_kits.htmThe Starter Kit helps you gather information needed for your interview:
      1. Contact information for Doctors, clinics, and schools/programs that would have important information about the disabling condition.
      2. Dates of surgeries, major diagnostic tests, and hospital stays relating to the disabling condition.
      3. Current medications including: who prescribed the medication, what it is used for, and the dosage.
      4. Work History
    3. (Optional) Go Online to start Disability Report: www.socialsecurity.gov
      If you do not do this or if you start the report and do not complete it, the Social Security Administrator will complete it during your interview.
    4. Make your interview appointment!!! The nearest Social Security Office is located at: 10138 S. Jordan Gateway
    5. South Jordan, UT 84095
    6. If more information about the disability is needed, the Disability Determination Services will set up an appointment to see one of their doctors. You will receive a letter in the mail with the details of your appointment.

    NOTE: Income and assets – As soon as the applicant turns 18 the income and assets of their parents do not count even if they still live at home.

    If you would like some advice about what to expect and what information will be most useful when making an SSI claim, please contact Rebecca Vazquez at 801-826-7272


Canyons School District Medicaid Outreach Services

Medicaid Outreach Services provides assistance to students and families of Canyons School District who are in need of assistance while applying for Medicaid and Social Security Disability programs. 

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Jordan Valley School

7501 South 1000 East

Midvale UT, 84047

Phone: 801-826-7272

Fax: 801-826-7276

Email: medicaid.info@canyonsdistrict.org

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