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Minutes- February 20, 2020

Canyons Transition Academy PTSA Meeting
February 20, 2020
Bell Canyon Meeting Room

In Attendance: Pamela Hansen (Teacher), Nate Edvalson (PTSA Administration VP), Chris Gardner (Parent), DeeAnn Pratt (PTSA Elect), Betty Shaw (PTSA President), Brooke D’Sousa (PTSA Legislative VP), Kim Garrard (PTSA Treasurer), Brooke Heumann (PTSA Teacher VP), and Julie Moore (PTSA Secretary)

Welcome, thought and introductions by Nate Edvalson

Pledge of Allegiance

A motion was made to approve the agenda, it was seconded and the agenda was approved unanimously.

Betty Shaw had all in attendance sign the Ethics/Conflict of Interest Policy and the PTA Basic Fiscal Management Procedures Information.

Betty Shaw gave Julie Moore the EIN (Employer Identification Number) paper from the IRS to include in the PTSA permanent record file.

Nate Edvalson was given a copy of the bylaws to make copies to hand out at the next meeting.

DeeAnn Pratt was also given a President’s Handbook.

A motion was made by Brooke D’Sousa to approve the minutes from the PTSA meeting on January 23, 2020, Kimberly Garrard seconded the motion and the minutes were approved unanimously. 

Kimberly Garrard gave the Treasurer’s report indicating the total income as of 2/20/2020 was $408 with expenses of $121.97 for a total balance on hand of $286.03 with $96 to be paid by the Council for Student Day at the Capital. Membership is almost to 30. A motion was made by DeeAnn Pratt to approve the Treasurer’s report, Brooke D’Sousa seconded the motion and the Treasurer’s report was approved unanimously.

Kimberly also indicated that she had set up a “Square” in order to accept payments for membership with credit cards. Betty, Kim, and Julie will have access to the “Square” email. Kim will have the “Square” available at Parent Teacher Conferences to accept credit card payments. “Member Hub” should also be up and running soon to join PTSA through the membership link.

A report was given by Nate Edvalson on PTSA Day at the Capitol on Tuesday, February 18, 2020. Nate accompanied the students who attended. Nate indicated that next year Nancy Tingey will arrange a meet and greet with students and representatives. Suggestions on improvements for next year included making arrangements for a school bus for transportation, having the PTSA board members help plan instead of using the CTA staff, and arriving earlier in order to hear the mock debate.

Parent/Teacher Conference details were then discussed. Betty made arrangements for Cafe Zupas to provide dinner at 3:30 on Tuesday, February 25 and Kim volunteered to help Betty. It was suggested that sign ups for appointments will also be available on Skyward. It was suggested to have other notifications on Skyward was well.

Betty Shaw informed the board that some of the funds from the PTSA could be used for field trips. Pam Hansen mentioned that Friday activities could be enhanced with the PTSA funding. Betty said that requests for filed trip funds would need to be submitted to the PTSA board in writing.

Teacher Appreciation was then discussed. Betty suggested it be held during the 1st week of May or at the end of April. There are 5 teachers and approximately 26 paras in the CTA program but to plan on about 30 people per day. Possible ideas included a day with a lunch, and a day with bagels and cream cheese and orange juice, a day with a gift basket with a $5.00 gift card, a day with chips and salsa from Chili’s restaurant and chapsticks. 

DeeAnn Pratt reported that she checked with Chick Fil A in Sandy on a possible fund raising night but they are booked for this year due to their remodeling. They will help us with date for next year.

There will be 13 students “graduating” this year. Betty indicated that Salt Lake County has money available for safe graduation night events and that the PTSA could also contribute some money to help with a graduation party.

Other items discussed included: Betty would be putting together a Group Me for the PTSA Executive Board members. Four times a year there is a Council PTA Meeting. March 16, 2020 would be the last meeting for this year. Betty and DeeAnn could not attend but Kimberly Garrard offered to attend at 11:00.

April 17th is Spring Training in the Canyons main board room from 9 am to 1:00pm. There is no registration and no cost.

A PTA convention will be held May 14 – 15 at the Utah Valley Convention Center on Center Street in Provo for PTSA board members. Early Registration is Buy One Get One Free.

The next PTSA board meeting will be held March 26, 2020 at 5:00pm.

The meeting was then adjourned. 

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