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Employment Soft Skills

Soft skills are non-technical skills that help people get and keep a job.

Some examples of soft skills are: punctuality, good attendance, good communication, knowing when and how to ask for help, appropriate attire, hygiene, grooming, honesty, being trustworthy, having manners, showing respect, appropriate cell phone use, reliability, problem-solving, motivation, being flexible and adaptable, friendliness, hard-work, being helpful, organizational skills, patience, a positive attitude, and being a team player. 

CTA students will demonstrate basic employability skills like:

Being on time for work

Beginning work right away

Staying on the job

Finishing the job

Following the schedule

Working carefully

Keeping work area neat and clean

Following safety rules

Accepting suggestions

Following directions

Follow supervisor’s instructions

Ask for help if needed

Greet co-workers

Dress right for the job

Look clean and neat for work

Enjoy the job

Skills students are working on during lunch may include:

Safety in the community


Dollar more

Money Management




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